About Us

The Company was established in November, 1990 in Náchod as a branch company to DÍTĚ SPEDITION s.r.o.  Its beginnings therefore date back to 1990. The director of this branch company is the founder -  Mr. Zdeněk Dítě. Besides truck and car tire services, its wide range of other services include wholesale and distribution of oils, greases and tires, running two filling stations, warehousing/storing and office space lease services. The state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic devices along with our experienced staff guarantee the first-class services. The Company is growing constantly and dynamically. Owing to its importance, its scope of services provided and the quality of its services, the Company now ranks among the leading companies in the region. The Company's main goal is to continually extend the scope of top-quality services, to train its staff in a regular basis in order to serve our customers to their full satisfaction.

Partner Company

Providing transport & forwarding services. The truck operations are controlled by a team of experienced controllers. The company of Dítě Spedition s.r.o. ensures both international and domestic road haulage.

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