Additional information on installations, maintenance and LPG / CNG revisions

    The company of Dítě Logistic s.r.o. has become a certified partner (i.e. the installation, service and revision point) for the LPG and CNG systems of the network. The brand names of the CNG and LPG devices installed by our company in vehicles are OMVL, EMER, ELPIGAZ and Auto Gaz Centrum. Individual components for these devices are mostly made in Italy by renowned gas-device manufacturers such as Tomasetto, A.E.B., REIL, VALTEK and others.

    Installations can be paid in installments through the company of Essox.

Advantages of the LPG/CNG Adaptation

    • The most advantageous alternative reducing the fuel price in a considerable way
    • LPG/CNG adaptation reduces fuel costs by almost 50 percent
    • Since January 1st, 2009, vehicles with LPG engines have been exempted from the road tax liability which results in yearly savings amounting from CZK 1,800.00 to 4,200.00.
    • Longer service life of the engine

    The return on this investment is directly proportional to the number of kilometres covered per year.

    Example: With the adaptation price being CZK 22,000.00 including the V.A.T. and with a vehicle whose consumption is 8 litres per 100 km, the investment is returned after 15,500 kilometres, i.e. approximately in 10 months.

    Offer for Adaptation: Škoda Fabia 1.2 HTP

    The full price of the adaptation ranges from CZK 17,000.00 to CZK 19,000.00 (V.A.T. not included) depending on the control unit used. More expensive control units have, apart from other features, the so-called "self-adaptation abilities" in real time (correction of richness of the mixture depending on the lambda probe). When adapting a vehicle to the LPG / CNG fuel, the most frequently used tanks are toroidal ones positioned in the place of spare wheel.

    The offer should be made for a particular vehicle taking into consideration the customer's requirements, the age of the vehicle, the control unit required, the volume of the tank etc.

    If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

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